Team Competition Information

The Team Competition will start on May 11th
and go through the end of the Series
(5 races)

Team Competition form is HERE

The 2016 Team Champions are:

For the first time in PCRS history a sweep of both classes by one club!

3 person team: Mike the Poolman 1

5 or more person team: Mike the Poolman 2


This competition is for FUN and friendly competition between our shops/clubs. What do you win? BRAGGIN' RIGHTS and maybe some other cool stuff (beer comes to mind). We will use the points from the last 5 races to determine the "best overall" teams in the 3 person and 5 or more classes. 

Team Competition Rules and Requirements:

  1. Your Team Captain must sign your team up on THIS FORM prior to the first team race (forms are available at the race too).
  2. Each racer must sign the Team Comp form.
  3. Two team sizes/classes: Minimum of 3 people and 5-20.
  4. No more than 2 teams per shop/sponsor.
  5. Once you have been entered into the competition, you cannot be removed.
  6. No racer substitutions or changes after the competition has started.

SCORING:The scoring method is based on an average score for your team. Your individual scores are added together each race and divided by the number of members on your team. This is the teams average score for that race. If your teammates do not show up it will really HURT YOUR SCORE so make sure whoever signs up participates each week!

Here are just a few of our previous teams: