WEEKLY "SPEED CHECK": After you have raced once, each following week you will ride through the speed check/finish chute lane prior to the race start. Just have cash (or a check in the proper amount) in hand and ride through our electronic check in system. EZ and FAST! (You MUST have your number plate with you or attached to your bike for Speed Check!)

It is your life and soul! You might notice that it contains your number AND a timing chip so don't lose it or a new one will set you back $5!

START PROCEDURE: As in years past, the start sequence will begin with ProExpert and work back to the Beginners. Please LISTEN for your class to be called up. If you start with the wrong class you will be disqualified.

LAPS: You will be going under the lap timing arch each lap. This will give you lap times. On your last lap you will turn off and finish by going into the finish chute.

FINISH LINE: The finish line is BEFORE the lap timing arch! You may sprint to the line but SLOW DOWN upon entering the lap arch and finish chute.

FINISH: Go through the finish chute stay in order, this is your finish position so DO NOT PASS in the finish chute. We scan your chip to record your actual finish order. The arch is for timing your LAPS.

"CHIP" TIMING: Yes, we use chip timing at PCRS. Although very accurate, it is not fool-proof. We will still run a video or other back up system. For this reason, after you finish under the Lap/Finish timing arch You MUST STAY IN ORDER AFTER YOU CROSS UNDER THE TIMING ARCH AND CONTINUE INTO THE FINISH CHUTE.

  • No number plate with chip, no score.
  • Number plate must be properly installed - see the RULES page for instructions on how to properly install your plate.
  • Absolutely no crossing through the lap/finish arch area unless you are racing. (During practice, prior to the race is OK)
  • NO bikes in or near the scoring/timing area or timing arch unless directed.

MEDALS!: We will again award 1st through 3rd place medals in each class along with the famous Series winner t-shirt.