Rules, Scoring & Classes

Please read through the following. If you are new to our races be sure to pick up the racing instructions on race day.

Racing Rules:

  1. Racers must start in there proper respective CLASS
  2. Racing age is your age on December 31 - same as USAC, NCNCA etc...
  3. You must have your class number marked on your calf (or use seat post sticker).
  4. All racers must attend the pre-race safety announcements.
  5. Racers must finish the race riding, pushing, or carrying their bike.
  6. No short cutting of course is allowed. If you cut the course you must go back and re-enter where you left the course.
  7. Racers must complete all laps required for their category/class. Non completion of all your laps is a DNF.
  8. Racers are permitted support from other racers or spectators.
  9. Racers may leave the course to make necessary repairs as long as they return to the course at the exact location where they left.
  10. Law Abiding: Federal, State and Local laws and ordinances must be abided by at all times.
  11. NO headphones or earphones, MP3 players etc. are to be used anytime you are on the course.
  12. Have fun! That is why we are out here :-)

Sportsmanship conduct: Foul riding, use of profane or abusive language and other unsportsmanlike behavior will be taken seriously. We are out here for FUN! Such behavior by any racer shall subject that racer's warning or immediate disqualification. This will be strictly applied when such behavior is directed at course officials, volunteers or spectators. The penalty imposed is at the discretion of the race director or co-director.

Racer protests must be filed in writing on an incident form available at registration with the Race Director within 30 minutes of completing the race. In keeping with the atmosphere of our grass roots ideals: friends and family getting together for a good time, all protests will be reviewed and amicably resolved by the parties involved with the ultimate decision made by the race director.

Category (Class) Descriptions:

Please try to situate yourself in the proper class. Being in the proper class from the get-go is a plus for everyone and better for your points. Racing age is how old you are as of December 31 - same as NORBA, USAC, NCNCA etc...

FIRST TIMER ADULTS and BEGINNER JUNIORS: This class is for 10+ year olds and adults who have never raced before, don't want the pressure of the rest of the main field during their race and want the option of a mentor/coach to ride with them during the race. These races will start on the 2nd race of the Series, April 9, 2014. This class is for those in which the two laps around the adult races are too much. These will be one lap around the adult course and will start at 5:45 and will finish just before the main adult start.

BEGINNER: You will be doing two laps around the course. This class is for those who  have only raced one or two times before and ride maybe 2 times a week. Watch for the possible split for the Beginners on the race course... or you will be doing extra mileage and technical stuff!

SPORT: 3 laps around the course. You've been riding for a while, you can ride Granite Bay, Auburn and Salmon Falls and do OK. You might spend 3-4 days a week riding.

EXPERT: 4 laps around the course. You can blaze just about any trail. You train 4-5 days a week for the cycling season and you live to crush your competitor buddies.

ProEXPERT: 4 laps around the course. You are FAST, even your friends say you are fast. You can blaze any trail any where. You are a FAST Expert or a Pro.

SINGLE SPEED: Bikes with one gear. Two classes: SS Expert (4 laps), SS Sport (3 laps).

CLYDESDALE: Are you 200 lbs or over? The Clyde's class is a class for the big guys at the Sport level and they do 3 laps. Watch out! They can be pretty fast. If you are not at least at the sport fitness and skill level, try the Beginner class instead.

TANDEM: What's to say? If you've got someone you just can't live without, strap them on back and ride! (3 laps)

OPEN 60+: If you're 60 years of age or older and want to throw down some laps with your buddies this class is for you. This is a sport level class. Grab your bike (doesn't matter how many gears) and get to the start line! (3 laps)

Scoring and Points:

Each racer will accumulate points for each race in their particular class. Points will be awarded as follows:

  • First place 50 points, second 49 points, third 48 points, fourth place 47 points etc.
  • Minimum of one point for starting and one point for finishing.
  • In the event of a tie, the top placement will go to the racer with: The most firsts, then seconds, then thirds etc. If it's a full blown tie it goes to who beat who in the last race.
  • If you change classes you take only 50% of your points with you. It is in your own best interest to figure out your proper class placement. See mandatory upgrades below.
  • CLASS CHAMPIONS and final season placement are determined by your best 8 out of the 10 races in this Series. (Junior Beginners will use 7 out of 9 races, NO POINTS for the First Timer class, for fun/learning only!)
  • Rain/mud/100 degree days... gets you 10 more points!

Note: If you have a scoring protest, you have until 6 pm the Friday following the race to email me with your scoring protest. After that all scores are FINAL.

Mandatory Upgrades:

We have a system to ensure quality racing in each class through controlled upgrades. This means if you are in the points hunt it is best to be in your proper competitive class right from the beginning. SO... if you place in the top 3 in your first 2 races you will be carefully looked at to be upgraded. We will use lap times to make the final call on a upgrades. Class size and age group is also considered.

When you get moved you take only 50% of your pints so it is best to be in your "proper" class from the get go, or at least before your 3rd race.

Race Course Layout:

ALL Races are held within the Prairie City Off Road Vehicle Park south of Folsom, CA. (see map page for directions) or click HERE for an aerial view of the area.

Each lap around the course is between 2.5 and 4 miles long. The first races are shorter getting longer as the season progresses. Beginners do 2 laps, Sport is 3 laps and Expert is 4 laps. there are numerous single track trails and dirt roadways on the property. Each week we set up a different course which makes for some exciting racing! I will start the first half mile or so on a wider dirt road so that you racers can sort yourselves out a bit before hitting the single track.

We set up the main MTB course using 9" high ORANGE plastic cones. If there is a sharp turn, I place 2 or 3 BLUE and ORANGE cones on their side "pointing" in the direction of the turn. If there is a steep drop or technical part of the track it will be preceded by multiple ORANGE and BLUE cones. If we use course beginners split  I use bright YELLOW /GREEN cones. Because there are so many different trails I ALWAYS recommend PRE-RIDING the course, this will help prevent you from making a mistake the first time around at "race speed". We have three main hills on the course and I will include at least one of these in the course each week.

Finish line, number plates etc:
We need your help in scoring! You MUST be responsible
for the following if you want to be scored.

  1. Be sure you are registered in the proper class - see the class category and number list.
  2. Your number plate must be correctly attached to the front of the bike - on TOP and on the OUTSIDE of all cables and brake lines.
  3. After you cross the finish line STAY IN ORDER in the finish chute until your number is recorded.
  4. PLEASE slow down (but do not stop!) after the finish line, be sure the video camera sees you.
  5. DO NOT go back under the arch after you have finished.
  6. If you do not finish the race please sign the DNF sheet if you want your DNF points
  7. Please move away from the finish area after your position has been recorded.
  8. KEEP your number plate. It will be YOUR number plate for the entire season! If you change classes you will need to exchange your number plate. If you lose your number plate/timing chip you will need to purchase another number plate ($5).


Information about number plates and timing chips
(that's how we score you)

BE SURE TO KEEP YOUR NUMBER PLATE FOR THE WHOLE SEASON. If you lose your original number plate with timing chip you must purchase a new one for $5. If you do not have a Prairie City Race Series number plate with a timing chip you will cannot be scored!

There is only ONE acceptable way to mount
your chip equipped number plate:

Your number plate must be mounted on the front of your bike IN FRONT of all wires, cables etc. NOTHING can be in front of your number plate or the chip will not read properly

This is a good example of how to mount your number plate :-)

NONE of the following plates are acceptable, you will NOT get scored!


Classes for 2013:
Your CLASS NUMBER below is the number you will write on your left calf
so other racers can identify who is in there class during the race.
NOTE: Your class number is NOT the same as your START ORDER

RACE AGE: Your race age is how old you will be on Dec 31 of current year

Class # Class Age # series start # series end Laps
1 Pro/Expert ALL 1 99 4
2 Expert Men 29- 100 999 4
3 Expert Men 30-39 100 999 4
4 Expert Men 40-49 100 999 4
5 Expert Men 50+ 100 999 4
6 Expert Women ALL 100 999 4
7 Sport Men 17- 1000 1699 3
8 Sport Men 18-29 1000 1699 3
9 Sport Men 30-39 1000 1699 3
10 Sport Men 40-49 1000 1699 3
11 Sport Men 50+ 1000 1699 3
12 Sport Women 39- 1000 1699 3
13 Sport Women 40+ 1000 1699 3
14 Beginner Jr. Men 13- 1800 1999 1
15 Beginner Men 14-17 1800 1999 2
16 Beginner Men 18-29 1800 1999 2
17 Beginner Men 30-39 1800 1999 2
18 Beginner Men 40-49 1800 1999 2
19 Beginner Men 50+ 1800 1999 2
20 Beginner Jr. Women 13- 1800 1999 1
21 Beginner Women 14-39 1800 1999 2
22 Beginner Women 40+ 1800 1999 2
23 Single Speed Expert ALL 100 999 4
24 Single Speed Sport ALL 1000 1699 3
25 Clydesdale 200lb+ ALL 1000 1699 3
26 Tandem ALL 1000 1699 3
27 Open 60+ 60+ 1000 1699 3
28 First Time Racer ALL 1800 1999 1
This is your class number please mark it on your left calf.

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